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23 August 2012

♥ i have been eyeing up my keyboard like it is a pillow all day.
♥ i massively miss my sister.
♥ i know now that four glasses of wine is usually about when i start spouting nonsense.
♥ today i am hungover due to said four glasses of wine. hence this rambling post. ta-da.
♥ i have no concept of personal space when it comes to being around ben or goblin. and i am not even one tiny weeny bit sorry about it.
♥ giving me some maltesers and a cup of tea is the sure fire way to make me happy.
♥ i told myself that everything will be okay.
♥ curling up on the sofa with goblin, some episodes of new girl on and some chocolate is what i want need right now. the five hour count down begins.
♥ thank you for all the birthday cards, presents and well wishes i have received this week....i am one very lucky girl.
♥ 49 followers? cray cray is all i have to say about that..
♥ i have listened to katy perry's wide awake song no fewer than fifteen times in the last two days and as a result it is going round and round and round in my head.
 ♥ finished reading: We Can't Go Home Again by Max Dubinsky. amazing.
♥ have really slapped on the make-up today. woopsie.
♥ if you asked me if i was okay today i would say that i am, but secretly i want a hug.
♥ at four a.m this morning goblin crawled in between me and ben and began nuzzling us, demanding cuddles in a way only he can. it was hands down the most adorable thing and we gladly obliged.
♥ i hope you all have a nice day  


  1. First, *hug through the internets*!
    Second, get home and take to the sofa, its therapy :)
    Third, sleepy snuggles are the best.
    xoxo hope your day is as good as possible!

  2. Argh - I replied to this through my phone but it decided not to post it in the end *silly iPhone*. Sending you maltesers, a pillow, and a massive hug!
    Rache, xo

  3. I send you a hug across the pond!

  4. i need some new girl and chocolates too :) never fails to cheer me up!
    Thanks for following! Your blog from what i've seen and read is lovely! cant wait to read some more! xxx

  5. Ramble posts are often needed and usually quite amusing. Today I needed a bucket of tea and sushi, and happy got some!

  6. Awww so cute that Goblin demanded cuddles from you. Molli likes doing that too and I just love those moments so much :)
    I hope you got to relax on the couch the way you wanted to :)

    Sending a big hug your way, too!

  7. I have so many hugs for you!!! xoxoxox


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