my week looked like this..

19 August 2012

happy sunday people! and if you are in london, happy sweltering sunday.
its hot here.
like sticky, no-one can sleep hot. and if there is one thing i know it's that londoners do not cope all that well in the heat. makes for a yummy london.
this week went super fast, so i thought i would put together a little summary for you all.

monday we went to the cinema with alex to watch Brave. i know i keep on barking at you to do things today (i am having a 'bossy day') but you must all go and see is hilarious and it even made me cry.
one thing did upset me about the otherwise brilliant cinema experience and that was being given the wrong ben & jerry's ice cream. i asked for chunky monkey and got some weird toffee flavour.
not cool.

on tuesday i made wendy's famous niscoise salad. i think that it went pretty well for my first attempt!! yummy.

thursday we got our little furry boy back!!!! thank you to my nan and grandad for looking after him so well while we were away. he misses you guys!

we had a lovely catch up with alex and rich on the southbank on friday night...

our bed looked like this most of the week. laziness took over.

 and those are the outfits that i wore to and from work all week...

*create a 'what i wore collage' can now be ticked off my bucket list. phew.*

saturday was the two year anniversary of our first date. we spent most of the day having a wonder around Portabello market. we literally felt like we were melting. but it was a good day all the same.

saturday night was spent with ricky and holly. we like to call ourselves the dream team.
Because we are amazing you see.. we hit up pizza express for some prosecco and pizza. pretty standard for a dream team meet up!!

after our meal we went to the Barons Court Theatre for what can only be described as the weirdest magic show ever created. it was mad but absolutely brilliant. unfortunately it was in the basement of a pub and was too dark for photos. probably for the best to be honest as we were all sweaty messes!!!

SO, that was my week...i should probably get out of bed now, especially considering it is nearly 1pm.
thank you for hanging in there everyone.


  1. Lovely pix! (Also, a what I wear collage is also on my to-do list). I like wandering around the markets all day, and in this heat it's only sensible to be outside!!

  2. Thanks for that! Love hearing what you're up to as well :)xxx


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