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30 August 2012

remember this post??
the one where i mentioned that my clarins stockpile is beginning to dwindle? well that still stands. booo....
because of this, and the fact i have not become a millionaire in the last week (booo again), i have kept my eyes peeled for some cheaper options to replenish my bathroom cabinet.
and these are my newest favourites...
don't you just love the background in these pics? thankyou sofa for kindly lending yourself to me for this post.

1. Rimmel -  Lycra Pro - Pink Amazon - £4.59  (here)
 i know, i know, i have spoken about these rimmel nail polishes before BUT that is because i really do think they are wayyyy better than all the 'high end' makes out there. trust me i have tried pretty much all of them; essie, opi, orly, dior, chanel, lancome, nails inc all included....
what can i say? i am a self confessed nail polish addict. and trust me, these are the best and this color is the cutest for the last few days of summer.

2. Superdrug - Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream - £2.99 (here) 
i noticed a few reviews pop up recently about Superdrugs own skincare and in particular their "vitamin e" range. when i was having a wonder through superdrug on monday i noticed there was an offer on on their products...2 for £3.99!!!!! WHAAAAA????
there was only one thing for me to do. stock up.
i chose the nourishing night cream first. i was sold instantly by the smell alone. it's all comforting, yummy and reminds me of that lovely holiday smell you find sometimes. you know that fruity, coconuty, oaty, yummy smell?
(okay i don't actually know how to describe it so you should go check it out yourselves - clearly beauty blogging is not my forte!)
back to what i actually do know. this cream sinks in amazingly (who wants a face that sticks to your pillow? not me!!). i usually find that a lot of creams that claim to be 'nourishing' are far too sticky on the skin and can feel really heavy, but this one isn't like that at all.
 i have been using it for about 4 days now and i have really taken to it - no spots, no sticky feeling, a yummy smell and super soft skin in the morning.

3. Lush - Lip Scrub - Mint Julips - £5.25 (here)
i used to order the clarins extra-firming lip scrub in my allocation cause i used to really like the taste of it. the problem with getting it still is the price. for 20ml of product it is £19!!!! you heard, 20ml for £19!!!! now i don't know about your opinions, but for me that is ridiculous. when the little tube finished i went on the lookout for a new lip scrub (fyi lip scrubs are important). i stumbled across this one at the Lush store on Kings Road and was totally blown away by its yummyness. it smells amazing, tastes amazing and really moisturises your lips. due to the fact that i have to wear lipstick everyday for work - lame - it realy helps to maintain a nice non-flakey base to work with. oh and did i mention it tastes gorgeous???? at £5.25 it really is a total steal, i have had mine now since june and it is still going strong! 

4. Superdrug - Vitamin E - Hot cloth cleanser - £5.99 (here)
back to the superdrug vitamin e range again...this was the second product that i got on the 2 for £3.99 offer. (do the math - total bargain).
i have used a few hot cloth cleansers in my time; liz earle and eve lom being the main ones and i did quite like them but i always seemed to go back to my clarins cleansers (for a review on those go here). so i thought no harm in trying another right??
well this one really impressed me. after i taken my eye make up off i smear this on to my dry face, massage it in and then wipe off with the damp muslin cloth that is provided. simple as that.
 i didn't expect my skin to feel so clean and so moisturised after using it. and no spots so far! the smell is just like the night cream and has a really creamy consistency.
oh and another get 200ml of product in a tube! winner!!!
5. Superdrug - Vitamin E - Exfoliating facial scrub - £2.99 (here)
 i love a face scrub and can be quite particular with them; i like my skin to feel scrubbed but not raw, clean but not stripped.. it is a delicate balance and one that has left many an exfoliater unused in the bathroom cabinet.
i have had this product for about two weeks now and so used it about 4 times, it has a consistency a little like porridge, wierd at first, then i read that it contains rolled oats to exfoliate the skin, all makes sense now! i was a little dubious looking at it on my hands however when i actually smeared it on my face i had one of those 'aaaah, oooh, wow, how nice' moments. it really does do the job well! my skin felt fresh, clean and not dried out afterwards. even ben likes it...and that is saying something!

6. John Frieda - go blonder lightening shampoo - £5.89 (here)
7. John Frieda - go blonder lightening - £5.89 (here)
favourite shampoo and conditioner ever???
yeah, i would go so far as to say that. over the last five or so months i have not been a fan of my hair. like at all...until i discovered these at the beginning of the month. in the past i have not been too hot on the John Frieda ranges but these two have won me over.
the shampoo cleans the perfect amount. it doesn't dry out my hair or make it too greasy. my hair stays clean for about 2 days after washing with this and i do think it has really helped keep my hair looking sun-kissed after italy.
the conditioner is also fab; it moisturises and conditions, but not too much. i have a lot of fine hair on my head and some conditioners have the tendency to weigh my hair down and grease it up quickly. i have noticed that when drying and styling my hair after using this it makes it much easier. and come on, who doesn't like easy in their routine??
these two are a winning combo. if you are blonde that is!!
most of all they are a bargain, considering i used to spend upward of £15 for just a shampoo!!
so those are my favourite products that i have been loving this month...i hope this has been useful??
happy thursday :)

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