italy - part one...

15 August 2012

So here they are....the pictures from our amazing holiday.
((side note: i cannot quite get over just how many pictures i has taken me about three hours to sort out this post. and this is post one of four. gutted. for me that is..not you))

I was really concerned about overloading you with too many photos so I have picked my favourites from our time in and around the villa/pool and the nearest town.
I hope you enjoy!

This picture was taken literally as we met my dad and wendy at the airport and literally after I had recovered from shock as my dad batted me out of the way to hug ben first. I could not stop laughing. I'm laughing now as I look at my dads face, have you ever seen such a smug smile!? Didn't think so..

it can be said that me and wendy had our fair share of prosecco on holiday.
that would be a lie.
we had way more than our fair share.

attempt number six of us acting like total idiots.
i blame the four bottles of red wine we all had (and the two bottles of prosecco)
thinking about it...i am surprised we managed it on number six. sheer luck.

I am glad that my dad stopped taking pictures at this point. as soon as I landed in the water my bikini seemingly disappeared.
strapless bikini tops are not for playing around with.

This is my favourite picture of me and my dad. Like ever.

Rum. By the pool. Gave me so many pictures...98% of which i can't put up here.
I try not to make a dick out of myself too much. They can stay safe and sound on the laptop!

Don't think I could even give this moment up there justice.
It took us about four or five attempts to get a picture of us all up there and this was the best result. The first few either me or dad didn't make it to the ledge in time and the pictures make us all look like a hysterical bunch of hyenas. We didn't stop laughing for a good hour or so and this would explain our crazy grins. (also i must admit that at this point we had consumed quite a lot some rum - I blame dad's generous measures....)
We drank wine- we swam - we drank rum - we listened to house music by the pool as we drank more rum - we ate so much food - we laughed - we read - we tanned - we relaxed - we drank prosecco - we drank more wine - we had an amazing time.


  1. Love, love, love this post! The pictures are awesome (and you look gorgeous in them by the way!).
    What a wonderful trip to Italy. I might get a bit jealous here - such a great place to spend a holiday at.
    So happy for you you had such a great time.
    Looking forward to all the other posts :D

  2. I'm soooo jealous and I love that swim suit :)

  3. I love everything about this post. Looks like you had such a wonderful time. I love seeing those pictures of you and your man!


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