italy - part four...

28 August 2012

here it is...the last instalment of my italy pictures, drum roll please...

we spent the last day of our holiday in bologna. dad and wendy dropped us off at our gorgeous hotel (Porta San Mamolo) and we said our goodbyes. it was weird to spend time away from them after spending a solid week drinking with them but it sure was nice to have some alone time with ben.

we unpacked, faffed, changed and headed out to explore bologna. 

that one is for my dad.

as you can see from my amazeballs distinctly average photos, bologna is a totally beautiful city. everything screams gorgeous and i could live there in a heartbeat.

after our day strolling around, soaking up the italian culture we headed back to the hotel to get all dressed up and grab a restaurant recommendation.

our hotel was about a 7 minute walk into the centre of bologna and you know what that means...7 minutes of photo opportunities!

we were super excited about the restaurant choice (it was gorgeous) and even more excited about the wine - can you tell??

excited about the pizza? oh yes!

it was at this point that in the evening that the wine we had glugged was making us a little silly.
i considered editing these silly ones out, and then realised that that would be ridiculous.

hmmm... not my finest moment!!

after the drunken silliness we made our way to the main square and spent an hour or so just sitting under the stars and listening to the sounds of the city.
we all know what happens when you drink wine right???

i spent the rest of the day being a moany bitch. no change there then!!
just looking at these pictures makes me wish i wasn't losing my tan so quickly..

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  1. Ahhh, amazing photos. I'm ever so jealous!
    I can't remember whether I've asked you before but what camera do you use?
    Rache, xo
    P.S. I promise I'll e-mail you soon, I've been totally bogged down with work.
    P.P.S. If you ever get bored, do you fancy doing a guest post on whatever you would like ;) I'm going to be taking a blog-break for 1-2 weeks whilst I work on my project but don't want my blog to go all empty and lonely!


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