i am one lucky girl, more awards you say??

1 August 2012

so...there was me saying that i am going through a big old hump because i need a holiday blah blah... and then i wake up and had like 6 million or so emails from blogger saying that people had commented and that put a smile on my face first thing...and then, i remembered that i had been nominated twice for the versatile blogger award by these two lovely ladies;
Amanda at Faith Love Strength and Sarah at From Elizabeth, With Love ...

over exageration and memory loss seem to be a side effect of this 'hump'. when i get back i will be in full fuctioning mode again i promise.

these little awards are so much fun and i really do love this little community of smaller bloggers that we have got going on...

this award works by me sharing 7 interesting facts about myself and then tagging some other bloggers to do the same.

i mean who doesn't love an overshare.
and i am sure you are all dying to know more about me *cough cough*

one // i have a very real fear that one day i will wake up and literally be a malteser. a big round ball of chocolaty goodness, with a face...

two // i love that my sisters face makes me laugh so much. not in a horrible way or anything; just that she has a really small mouth, and a pea head. makes me giggle for hours...

three // last year was a really hard year for us, there was a lot of stress surrounding us and every day i am thankful that we are no longer living in a hell hole and that we made it through everything together.

four // on a particularly rowdy night out, my good friend holly and i were discussing our new buzz word; WWKD = what would kate do?
(incase you are wandering who this 'kate' is.. it is obviously in reference to Kate Middleton... derr...)
since that night i have started to regularly apply this to my every day life. it has become a part of the way i conduct myself. an example??
'what should i wear tonight??'
you find a dress. put said dress on. look in mirror. ask yourself WWKD?
if the answer is yes, she would wear this ensemble, then i go right ahead and wear it.
if the answer is no, that said dress is far too short/revealing, then you would take it off and try again.
note; this method only applies pre-prosecco drinks. it becomes null and void after two glasses of the bubbly goodness. i know it should in theory it should an even more prominant effect after a few drinks but i don't make the rules. holly does.

five // i love prosecco. and wine. and chocolate. and ice cream. actually i pretty much love all sweet things.

six // i am really proud of myself that i have stuck by this little blog for about 8 months now, i know it is still only small and still growing, but i am proud to the hilt anyway.

seven // yoga is the only sport/exercise that i have ever found that i really like doing...i am taking my mat to italy and will be practicising in the mountains, by the pool every day.

so here are the blogs that i am tagging for the versatile blogger award..
oh hello love / eat bake sew love / wish it. dream it. do it. /
not all those who wander are lost / the granberries / read my mind

you know, this post has really cheered me up from my 'hump' today. who knew!

on a little side note i can't believe i have nearly 30 followers, who knew, i thought the only people who would read my blog are my mum and biscuit!!


  1. Woohoo! Congrats on the award! I need to post about mine...someday. =) And now you have me craving prosecco and worrying about how tiny my head is. Sheesh. Oh, and extremely jealous of you that you get to do yoga in Italy. That sounds lovely!

    xo, jess

    1. Oh no....I mean my sister has a REALLY small head thats all, you have no reason to worry at all!!!
      Thankyou, I am SO excited about Italy now!!!! eek!!
      Nic x

  2. Yay!!! congrats on your award!!!!
    and thanks for awarded me. i'm gonna post mine as soon as i get the chance.

    oh my, i know Kate would be excited too if she's awarded with this versatile blog award. haha

  3. Congratulations on the award! We think your blog is great!!

  4. WWKD- Ha, I LOVE it! : ) Thanks for the award!

  5. I've never worried about turning into a Malteser but maybe a giant bowl of ice cream...
    Congrats on the award and thanks for passing it along!!

  6. Thank you so much for the award again :) I'm so excited about it!

    I love chocolate and ice-cream, too. Did you ever try redwine and dark chocolate with about 70% cocoa? Delicious! ;)
    And I'm really jealous you get to do Yoga in the mountains on your vacation, that sounds fabulous to me.
    Have a great time in Italy!

  7. WWKD is my new favorite thing! Love this post :)

  8. so happy that everyone is recognizing what a wonderful blog you have here!

  9. Ahh! Yoga in Italy?! I'm SO jealous! Take me! :P


  10. Hi Nicola! Just popping over from This and That!

    ...the teeny mouth made me laugh out loud :)

    Have fun in Italy! I was just there in June so I am super jealous of you! Remember to eat lots of carbs and gelato (my favourite part) xo


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