house husbands...

14 August 2012

They are probably the bestest things ever right??
To say I appreciate my little house husband is an understatement, he really is a completely wonderful person, a person that I want to spend every day of the rest of my life with.
Well maybe not every day...that would probably be a little too much, about 90% of our days sounds about right!
At the end of the day he is my best friend. my favouritist person (is that even a word? oh who cares.)

I love you ben. thank you for everything, xxxx

And now for the non-mushy part of the post / a few snip bits of information / clarification / overshare.

I have started with the pictures from Italy, (when i say started, i mean like i looked through them
all twice and smiled and laughed a lot - woopsie for being productive!)
I think I massively underestimated quite how many pictures i took. There are way over 500. ouch.

I have started creating a whole new planning system for this little blog since I have a fab new design going on...give me a little time peeps and I will be all up and running. I feel like i have been chasing my tail a little the last two days, but I am on my case, do not worry!

My thoughts are with these people...
My mum (the most inspiring and motivated person I know).
My sister (who tickles me silly. all. the. time.)
My friend sarah (her baby is due early september - she is going to be such an amazing mum)
My dad and wendy (missing you guys like crazy!)
My friends beth, nicola, fiona, susan, claire, krissy and laura (I am working crazy on spending more time with you - I promise)
All of bens family (I miss you like mad - each and every one of you. your all amazing - and totally as mental as my family which I love)

Thank you to all of you lovely readers who take the time to read this little blog... i really love all your comments, means the world to me!!!!


  1. can't wait lady! I added your new button :)

    1. wooooop, thanks samantha!! I wish i never took that many photos - overwhelming!! eek!

  2. what a sweet post! What kind of new system do you have going on?

    1. Thanks lovely...well i have now got a whole planner/diary system going on...means i can plan ahead more and stay more organised, be a little more consistant.., start setting a little time every day just to think and write. Sometimes this whole blogging thing is so intimidating!!
      Hope your well, how is your week going??

  3. I also have a kind-of house husband! My boyfriend is a freelance illustrator so he usually works from home. It’s so much nicer to get back to the apartment and have the bed made and the dishes put away, isn't it? :)


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