friday's letters....

3 August 2012

dear wine, thank you for the hangover this morning. those four glasses were tasty but lethal.
dear fiona, thanks for such a lovely chat last night. we must promise to do it more often. okay?
dear gluten, i don't like you, why do you have to be so tasty??
dear italy, it's tomorrowwwwwww!!!!
dear dad and wendy, can't wait to see you tomorrow too!!!
dear red lion pub, why did you have to break all my nails before my holiday? i had spent so long growing you nicely, i am gutted.
dear sis-wa, cant wait to see you tonight, bring on the giggles.
dear biscuit, thank you for everything, i can't wait to spend some time away with you, we both so very need it.
dear friday, hurry up already. dear coffee, i need you today.
dear blog, i know i have been rather uninspired of late, i am sorry but i hope to get my mojo when i am home from italy.
dear goblin, i will miss you so much but i promise you will have so much fun with nanny and grandad.
dear hangover hair, you were crazy curly when i woke up today so thanks for succumbing to the copious amounts of hairspray i put on you. both myself and my supervisors appreciate your co-operation. dear readers, i love you, your fab. 

have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. Happy Friday lovely, have a fabulous weekend!
    Rache, xo

  2. No matter how many wine hangovers we endure, we will never tire of our tasty fruity friend :) Hope you have a great weekend x

  3. So jealous that you're going to Italy!!! Have a fab time you lucky girl!!! :) And I'm sure your blogging mojo will be back when you have so much to share from your trip!!!

  4. italy?! tomorrow?! so wonderful! and I finally got to the liebster award ! thanks girl


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