dreaming of dreamies.

31 August 2012

i love a ritual. the comforting familiarity of them can make my day sometimes. two of my favourite rituals include goblin.
one of them happens the second we walk through our front door.
he gets straight up on our laps for some snuggles.
that little boy will follow us around until one of us sits down and he can climb up and cuddle us. he loves it. he purrs like crazy, he goes all floppy and on one occasion even knocked my phone out of hand ON PURPOSE because i wasn't giving him my full attention.
and ben calls me high maintenance!!
 sometimes he gets so carried away with the cuddles that he falls off my lap. this happened about fifteen seconds after this picture was taken. i was laughing too hard to capture it sorry!!
the second ritual that i love is the one i like to call 'dreaming of dreamies'.
i have never met a cat who does not like dreamies. (i swear they are the heroin of the cat world!!)
the ritual goes like this...
after said cuddles he will happily trot off to the lounge.
 once there he goes straight for his beloved dreamies that are kept under the coffee table. he will drag them out of their little home and leave them on the floor by our feet, quite dramatically for such a little cat.
and then he stares at you. waiting. not so patiently.{picture one}.
you give him a few as a 'little treat'. he goes mental trying to catch them.
you then put them back under the table.
confusion occurs. 'why have you done that?? but i want more dreamies!!!!' he says. not. {picture two}
((i do kinda wish goblin could speak to us - although i bet he would have said the above with a few more expletives thrown in!))
back to the point...
he drags. he stares. he replaces them back on the floor.
and oh that stare. it haunts me! {picture three}.
you give in. again. you throw a few more around the room. why? because he is just THAT cute.
he goes mental trying to catch them. again.
you then put them back under the table.
he drags. he stares. he replaces them back on the floor. he does a little more staring.
 are you actually being serious goblin??? greedie sod.
no, i will be strong. he just won't eat his dinner if we give him anymore.
 {picture four} he knows this game is over. that they will just stay there until the next day.
we have won. there will be no more treats for little greedy goblins.
so those are my favourite little rituals.
i am finding more and more recently that it is the little things that happen every day that put a smile on my face.
happy friday.
p.s  makes me wonder what on earth they put in dreamies?!!
actually scrap that. i really don't want to know..


  1. This is so adorable. I have three cats and they all have the weirdest/cutest habits that make me wonder why any person would live without a cat.

    Love your blog! :)

  2. That is so cute! I've had dogs my whole life so I haven't had much experience with cats, but I always loved going to my grandmother's house just to play with the neighborhood strays! Those pictures of him with the dreamies are priceless!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Aw he's gorgeous! I have two cats and I couldn't do without them, they are such characters! x

  4. Awww, so cute! I know exactly how you feel because Molli loves jumping on our lap too, demanding his cuddles, purring like crazy. It always makes my day and he especially knows whenever I'm feeling down - then he takes extra care of me :) It made me smile that Goblin even tends to fall off your lap ;) Love all the pictures of him.
    That dreamies ritual is sooo cute too!
    What would we do without our sweet cats?

    I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


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