friday's letters

17 August 2012

dear biscuit, thank you for being such an amazing person!!! tomorrow is the 2 year anniversary of our first 'proper date' MENTAL!!! love you lots xx
dear italy, i miss you. like a little too much to be normal.
dear sylwia, promise me you will relax on your journey to budapest tomorrow and make sure that you have an amazing birthday!
dear monday, you are my 23rd birthday. seriously? like 23 already? jeez...
dear goblin, so happy you are home. we missed you crazy amounts, and can't wait for you to settle again!
dear amazing readers, thank you so much for all your kind words of late, it is so so sweet of you and i am loving blogging more than ever. oh and you should definitely pop over to this lady's blog today and have a read...Rachel's posts are really wonderful and i hope you enjoy them too!
dear the mad little one; katie/fish, start a blog already. that is all!
dear mum and sis, cant wait to see you monday! thank you for being able to come down and spend time with me!
dear sis, no need to get me a present. oh and mum, remember to relax and smile - you suit happiness! dear nanny and grandad, thank you so much for looking after our little man and thank you for the yummy food last night. was delicious and i can't wait for you to come see our little home on monday.. dear dad and wendy, missing you guys...although is not long till you are home though, and we can come visit.
dear laura (bitch-titties), excited to go for your birthday drinks tonight, you are such a good friend and i love you lots.
dear sarah, i am thinking about you so much at the moment as you are in your last month of pregnancy. i am missing you lots and hopefully will be able to see you soon.
dear this week, thank you for flying by and thanks for everyone who powered through that wordy essay.


  1. I have missed Italy ever since I went, like, errrr....four years ago!!!! Happy Birthday for Monday!!! 23 is my next one - It is NOT old or scary my friend!!! You can do it :) Hope you have a great weekend, great letters! Sally xoxo

  2. Cute letters, stopping by from the link up! Have a lovely Friday:)


  3. Have an absolutely wonderful 23rd birthday, that'll be next June! I can't believe how quickly life is going. I remember being 16 and wishing I was 18, then 18 and wishing I was 21. Now 22 wishing I could stay around about this age for a while longer, hmm.
    Thank you so much for the lovely mention you beautiful person *massive hugs*
    Rache @ Live.Food.Love [xo]

  4. New to your blog and LOVE it!!

  5. Happy Birthday for tomorrow! I hope you have a wonderful day and all your dreams and wishes come true x


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