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24 August 2012

i ♥ finding a make-up remover that costs £1.50.
in the last few months, my supplies that i stocked up from working at clarins have started to dwindle and as a result i have been on the hunt for cheap alternatives to some of the more basic skincare items. i cannot justify spending £16 on simply eye make-up remover, and frankly i don't want to, it's just madness. after a little hunt around boots i came across these two products. as they cost only £1.50 each i thought i would buy them both (naughty) and have a go to see which one i prefer.
results: the cucumber gel is amazing. it is lightweight, non-greasy, removes everything super-duper quickly and smells yummy.

the fragrance free lotion is not as good. i found it stung my eyes a little, was a bit too rich for me and made a bit of a mess.
so ladies, go get yourself to boots and stock up on the gel!
as i discover more beauty steals i will let you know...
i ♥ the way ben kisses me on my forehead in the morning. adorable.
i ♥ using my teapot three times in one night. my obsession with her has the potential to get out of control.
i ♥ wearing the scarf that ben got me for my birthday. every day this week. what can i say it goes with pretty much my whole wardrobe.
look at goblin by my feet, getting all involved in the picture. cheeky.
i ♥ having some lovely ladies like Rachel, Beate and Nicole to email this week.
i ♥ spending this whole friday looking forward to having a lay-in tomorrow. and having nothing planned for the whole of saturday. not one thing. so very needed.
i ♥ walking past houses like this on my walk to work and dreaming that one day i will have £70million spare to actually live in one.
i know you can't see the whole house (all 5 storeys worth) but just look at the door, gives you an idea what the rest of the house looks like.
i ♥ waking up without a hangover. this morning it was such a welcome relief. i have drunk so much this week and am glad to know that the next time a glass of red wine or a g&t or a cocktail or a glass of prosecco crosses my lips is sunday.
i ♥ having weird dreams that are mental but seem completely real at the time. freaky.
i ♥ friday's.
happy friday everyone!!!


  1. Awww, you're so sweet! I love our e-mails too and I enjoy them so much :)

    I hope you'll have a wonderful and relaxed weekend!

  2. the cucumber makeup remover also comes in packs of wipes that are usually 3 for £5 if you're feeling lazy or just want to freshen up! xx

    1. Amaze ball advice there fish!!! Thanks!!! x

  3. I love the scarf!! What a great gift :)

  4. ek, I need to return your email (can you tell that I'm finally catching up today?)! and I love morning kisses!! so sweet


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