a birthday week of treats..

23 August 2012

monday was my birthday as most of you know!  my family and friends all arrived and we spent the evening first at our flat and then our local watering hole.

 summery dresses were the order of the day for us girls...

tuesday night was spent at the Ritzy theatre in Brixton for the 'Your Gonna need a Bigger Boat' film quiz. out of 25 teams i think we came about 13th with 37.5 points!
i even managed to get a few answers (much to my surprise). was incredibly entertaining.

wednesday night was spent in Shad Thames with family again. we enjoyed a lovely meal and a few drinks (not that i needed to consume any more alcohol this week - o well) on the river in the sunshine. i decided that skinny jeans and a posh top were the order of the day.

how beautiful is tower bridge??

as i finish up this post i am glad that my hangover is finally taking a step back. i am snuggled up on the sofa, watching breaking bad with ben and goblin, testing out my new teapot. it is proving to be a wonderful evening so far.

isn't she gorgeous??? (the teapot that is..not goblin)


  1. You look beautiful in every shot! Happy (belated) Birthday :)

  2. I'm so glad you called it a birthday week... i actually try to take the whole month!

  3. everything about this looks just about perfect. so happy that you had a great birthday!


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