a weekend filled with treats.

11 July 2012 looks like once again I am posting my weekend catch up on a wednesday.

date night.
friday night was spent with my gorgeous biscuit.
i got dressed up (put on heels/tied my unruly hair up/put on blusher and gloss) and met biscuit at pizza express for an impromptu date night.
food was yummy, company was even better.

saturday morning we had an incredible lie-in.
i didn't wake up till 10:30!!! 

we watched a few episodes of the ricky gervais show washed down with lots of tea then headed over to sam, alex's and harriets's for the rest of the day.

on our way.
i like to take a lot of pictures okay??

baking for the girls.
after the success of sams red velvet cakes last weekend harriet and i wanted to do some baking ourselves.
we chose chocolate chunk whoopie pies and lemon cup cakes.
here are the pictures...try not to be too jealous of our amazeball skills when it comes to baking.

playtime for the boys.
when you put the three boys together two things are going to happen.
they will playfight and annoy each other.

then they will settle down and play hours of computer games .

deja-vu anyone???
while they geeked out me and harriet chose to put our feet up and watch a film .

its a shame that the film we chose to watch was AWFUL.
'The Killers' -  the one with katherine heigl and ashton kutcher?
so so so so bad.

i won't even indulge you with why it is so bad; it just isn't worth the effort.
my advice??? don't even consider watching it.

sunday treats
as the rain fell on sunday we enjoyed lots of cuddles with goblin, mid-morning chocolate snacks, lots of tea and even more biscuity snacks. i made a gorgeous tuna pasta bake, we took naps and i finished 50 shades.

just take a minute to go back and look at that ironing pile.
guess how long it took me.
two and a half hours.
that was the only part of my sunday that i didn't enjoy.
love joebeff x
p.s now i have finished the third 50 shades book, i haven't a clue what to do with myself.
any suggestions???

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  1. Love this blog!! And yes, definitely can relate to the boys fighting/annoying each other and then gaming!! The good old days :-) Cakes looked amazing and pics are all fab!!! xxxx


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