we redeemed our weekend.

3 July 2012

i always plan to do a summary of the wild things we get up to at the weekend on a monday, however i don't think i have ever managed this.

i put it down to not being a morning person coupled with the fact that i am not too hot on mondays either.
so here it is.

our weekend started rather quite nicely.
sun streaming through our flimsy curtains, a sleepy lay-in, biscuits and tea in bed, cuddles with my boys, long pampering shower and then BOOM.
our drains pack in and shout 'NOPE, NO MORE WATER IS COMING DOWN HERE.'
you can only imagine the look on my face as our bath continued to fill with gross dirty black water. safe to say i was not a happy joebeff.

our flat is managed and we found out on saturday morning they are only available for maintenance issues monday-friday.
(our drains didn't get the memo about how blockages are not to occur at the weekend)
there was nothing we could do until monday. yay

our plans were scuppered.

we had to stay in to monitor the 'situation'.

as a result of this our day consisted of eating yummy foods, watching misfits (ah-ma-zing!), eating maltesers (standard) and obsessively reading 50 shades of grey (no words describe how i feel about this book).

it's not what we expected but it turned out to be a really good day.

sunday morning we got up early, put on our dirtiest clothes and made our way to sam, alex and harriet's flat.
i insisted on taking 'touristy' pictures. oh the things biscuit puts up with, bless.

please excuse me - no make-up and messy hair does not suit me.
after a few cups of tea and a much needed shower, we all popped out for some lunch and a wander around chiswick.

let it be noted that these pictures were taken before it proceeded to rain on us mid way through our food.

the food was worth it none the less.

we all then spent the rest of the afternoon/evening mooching around.

harriet and myself read and chatted whilst the boys thoroughly geeked themselves into oblivion.

harriet and i ended up watching the film starter for 10 and in order to embrace the film we felt it necessary to wear a very 80's hairstyle throughout.

aren't we sexy?????

o yeah, when i mentioned the boys geeked themselves into oblivion i really wasn't joking...

just look at how happy they are.

alex was in his room playing the same game too. every now and then they would interrupt our film watching to shout out commands/strategies/techniques etc to each other.

sam redeemed himself by baking us some red velet cupcakes and i have to say they were delicious.

biscuit and alex have yet to offer delicious treats.

so there is the evidence; we redeemed our weekend good and proper.

because i know you are all dying to find out.... our 'situation' with the drains has been fixed and last night we decided to celebrate being able to shower in our own flat with a lovely romantic dinner.

the picture of me by our little romantic set up was horrific and my good deed for the day is to spare you all from having to look at it!!
Love Joebeff x


  1. ugh... NEED. TO. KEEP. GOING. ON. 50. SHADES!

    New follower :)

  2. The days that are unexpectedly wonderful are usually the best.

  3. Thanks Samantha :) How far along are you now??


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