trying to add interest to my commute.

4 July 2012

can't blame a girl for trying to add a little excitement interest something to her evening commute.

even if it is just taking photos.

and this is the view when i get home.
could london be any more grey??

being inspired by sam's gorgeous cakes on Sunday i decided to 'bake' some cupcakes last night.

confession :: i used a one of those ready made cake mixture packet thingys.
defence? :: i haven't baked in a loooooooong time!
justified? :: why yes i think so and this weekend i am properly baking with harriet anyway.
here is a picture of the said cupcakes.

i mean if you look past the slightly singed cases and the fact that they didn't rise to the top properly, you will see that they are lovingly made and look kind of pretty.

goblin had quite an interest in them too - i mean look at the way he is eyeing up my cake!
he sniffed around for a while and cheekily even licked a little of the icing.
judging by the look on his face it is safe to say i think he will be sticking to his dreamies from now on.

i know i mentioned it earlier in the post and have also grouched about it on facebook and on twitter but i just want to say again that the weather this summer in london has sucked.
i am not exaggerating.
case and point;

this is what us poor british people have to deal with. in july. hideous.
have a great hump day.
love joebeff x

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