the sunday pub quiz..

19 July 2012

so here is the second part to my weekend post, the last bit of our weekend...
me and sis-wa had a real giggle on our way back to london.
we sang really badly & very loudly to McFly, took some silly pictures and chatted away for ages.
it was so lovely to spend some quality time with her...

once home we showered, got dressed up and headed out for a pub quiz in clapham.
such fun.
(and the sun came out to play for about 2 hours - yippee)

we had lots of drinks, lots of banter and did really well in the quiz.
out of fifteen teams we came fourth.
please excuse us for our team name;

'my sister can't wrestle but you should see her box'

ask the boys why we always have that name...

the whole weekend was awesome.
the monday hangover was not.

see you tomorrow for my second friday's letters..

love joebeff

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