the most amazing weekend yet. part 3 .

25 July 2012

so here it is, part 3 of last weekends shenanigans..our sunday adventures.

sunday morning was spent in bed - such is our standard.
sunday afternoon was spent in greenwich with our good friends rik and holly.
this is how sundays are meant to be spent people..

 here is a little warning for you all...i used to have a real addiction to that strawberry goodness right there in my hand.

it got prettttyyy serious pretttttyyyy quick.
i was having up to four bottles of the stuff a day. now let me tell you something, that stuff is sugarrryyyy and not too good for you when you have that much of it.

i only have it on 'special occasions' now, once or twice a month when biscuit lets me indulge.
what a crazy ass life i am living here!
i'm not 100% sure why i felt the need to mention that, so am just gonna roll with it, think of it as a little heads up, yeah, so soz...
moving on...

it was at this point, after our drinks, as we took a stroll along the thames, that me and holly noticed a ride.
naturally we ran over, like excited school girls and it was maybe the most fun we have ever had.
we screamed, flailed our arms, had tears streaming down our faces and we loved ever second of it!!

i feel like those last two pictures need some explaining... this 'body' was outside the tate modern, 'art' as it were. me and holly got straight up there pointing out various parts of his anatomy.

holly was fab at this, i was pretty crap.

after our stroll we felt we all deserved another drink. prosecco was on the cards.

the oxo tower was our bar of choice. look at how handsome those boys are...

and that was the end of our adventure...
it was a pretty good adventure if you ask me.


  1. STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT! The weather looks beautiful in London through these pictures and I'm so sad I'm not there! Looks like you had lots of fun :)

  2. hello! have just discovered your blog and am so glad I did :) I moved back from London (Clapham woo!) to DC two months ago and the THING I MISS THE VERY MOST is drinking outside in parks. I miss that. So this made me happy!


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