the most amazing weekend yet. part 2.

24 July 2012

two posts in one day?
are you not just the luckiest people in the world?
tonight i am following up with the pictures and shenanigans from saturday evening...

after we bid farewell to our paint balling crew, me and biscuit took a leisurely stroll along the south bank.
the sun was gloriously shining, the atmosphere was perfect and the company was amazing - how lucky am i to have such a lovely boyfriend!? we really could not have asked for a better way to end the day!
and because we had such an eventful day we were in bed and asleep super early - who knew running around like a crazy person would make you so tired!

i think sometimes i forget just how silly we can be together.
and then i remember that i don't really care!

thank you to my nominees from earlier today - i have had such fun reading your replies!!!
peace out.
please ignore i just said that - it didn't happen.
love joebeff x


  1. Haha, love that last pic.
    Sillyness is fun sometimes

    1. Thanks Niken, had to majorly cut down on the silly photo's, too many photo bombs going on there!!


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