the most amazing weekend yet. part 1.

22 July 2012

i love weekends, and this weekend was sent straight from heaven to make me realise how incredibly lucky i am to have such wonderful people around me.

it was so good that i have the monday blues already and i am thinking i am going to stay up as late as i can to drag out the weekend as long as possible!!

let's start at the beginning..friday night consisted of goblin acting particularly cheeky all evening.

see what i mean??
there he is happily helping himself to my water.
the worst part is about ten minutes after this happened i drank the rest of the water, having forgotten that goblin had recently stuck half his face in it. lovely.
moving on.

saturday we went paint balling!!!!!
we were celebrating our good friend sharpie's birthday by running around an indoor warehouse, getting realllllyyyy sweaty and covered in powder paint and bruises.

it was maybe the most fun i have ever had.
honestly...i was terrified about the idea (i had never done anything like it before) and really thought i would not be up for it. but as soon as we were all in there, running around like crazy people, i could not help but have the most amazing time. there is really nothing like it!!

this was my paint balling outfit; sexy huh??
i am sure everyone thought we were off to the gym.
yeah, like that happens!

side note: look!! the sun came out to play all weekend. amazing!!

here are the pictures i snapped of us all throughout the day..

my overalls were a super sexy look.

because i didn't take my phone or camera into the 'paint balling area' i didn't manage to get any action shots. i just didn't fancy getting my phone broken.

after we had all changed and freshened up (you can not imagine the places the paint ball dust got into) we went back to the o2 to get some food, some milkshakes and to relax after the afternoons shenanigans...

and that my friends are all the snaps i have from the 'paint balling' part of our weekend...

part 2 of this post will include our romantic stroll along the south bank saturday evening. and then part 3 will be our sunday adventures with rik and holly!

you can expect these tomorrow and tuesday.
i am off to bed now so i hope you all had lovely weekends and can't wait to read about them tomorrow!

night night,
love joebeff


  1. Hey there! I am new big fan of your blog and a regular reader, I recently nominated you for an award link-up thing I got involved in. Stop by Me+Life+Coffee to take a look! Hope you are well, Sally xoxo

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast :) I absolutely love paintballing though I've only done it the once and I hurt so badly the next day. Bruises on top of bruises ;)

    My kitty does that :) and I also forget and end up drinking the same glass of water haha. Sharing is caring, right?

    Love your blog!

    Rache, xo

    >> <<

    1. Aw thanks Rachel, so sweet of you :)
      He is like the most cheeky cat ever and gets away with stuff like that all the time bless him!
      The bruise on my leg still hurts and is an absolute and blue...yuck!

      Nic x x


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