so i'm thinking i need a holiday...

31 July 2012

i'm literally counting down the hours till saturday morning when i am on that plane to italy.

i need a break.
i'm irritable, bitchy and constantly tired..
my skin is breaking out, my hair seems lifeless..
i feel completely uninspired..
i seem to be wearing only sweats (especially as 'the british summer' has apparently ended already)
case and point;

you can tell i need a holiday as this is the only picture i have taken since saturday.
well off my game.

just want to say a massive thank you to all you lovelies that read my little blog...i am sure that when i come back i will be full of inspiration and good bloggity things!


  1. Lol. I've been jumping into yoga pants and a t-shirt/tank (still piping hot here) every day as soon as I walk in the door! My husband is thrilled :P

    1. Also wanted to let you know, my blog button has been updated to add a border, if you want to go grab the newer, better version :)

  2. sounds like you really really need a break. have a nice holiday and i'll be here when you come back ;)

  3. I can absolutely understand how you're feeling :) I'm on vacation right now and I needed it SO much...I felt just like you before it started.
    Have a great time in Italy...looking forward to your blog posts when you come back :)

  4. get yourself a vacation, girl!


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