my first award *victory wiggle*

24 July 2012

this week seems to be one of those busy weeks, full of busy bloggity blogness.

i made buttons for me blog. woops, correction: biscuit made buttons for my blog, and i was awarded the Liebster Award from Sally over at Me + Life + Coffee.
how awesome is that?!!
i actually did a little victory wiggle when i found out because i rarely win things and to me it was such a lovely gesture...thank you so much Sally! are the rules...

someone "gave" this award to you? Create a blog post including 11 random facts about yourself

also in that blog post, answer the 11 question the person that nominated you has given you and make up another 11 questions for the people you will nominate
give this award to at least 5 blogs (up to 11) and link them in your post!
tell those people that you have nominated them for the award
you cannot nominate the person that has nominated you
remember to tag blogs with less than 200 followers

random facts
i hate it when people touch my little toe. it doesn't happen often but when it does i squirm like a baby.

i love marmite and i don't understand people who don't.

when i start watching a really good tv series i could literally lose whole evenings to it. i can get so utterly wrapped up in it i forget everything on my to-do list!

i can be notoriously hard on myself. i easily forget that i am only human and life is meant to be lived with a light heart and with a smile on your face.

i will always believe that my cat is the most gorgeous cat in the world, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

i apply hand cream no less than 20 times a day. (and i am not exaggerating there)

i didn't realise how much i would fall in love with this blogging world.

i have worn the the two rings that biscuit got me for christmas '2010 every day since that christmas. they are my most precious possessions.

for about a year in school i was dead set about calling one of my children Ebenezer. as in Ebenezer Scrooge. don't ask, it was a phase.

i have learnt to accept that i am super pale now. italy will be our first sun holiday in nearly 2 years and i fear for my skin...looks like it will be spf 30 for me..

if i could, i would wear flip flops every day of the year. for like ever..

answers to sally's questions

Favourite candy bar?
being british, i am going to go with candy meaning chocolate or sweets here so....will have to be maltesers.

Favourite memory?
being on holiday with biscuit in Zante. the sun, the pool, listening to music, drinking god knows how much vodka, playing cards and him telling me he loved me for the first time.

Book or magazine?
book. every time.

Back seat driver?
no thanks!

Which actor would play you in a movie of your life?
would have to be someone awkward and weird...Lisa Kudrow maybe?

Guilty pleasure TV show?
can i say friends?

Favourite place to go?
the balham bowls club for drinks/food/board games with my friends.

Top on your wish list for travel destination?
japan or thailand i think..

Pink or blue?

Boys in skinny jeans, hit or miss?
hit. biscuit only wears skinnies and it suits him!

How do you like your coffee?
mocha or latte, not too fussy with my coffee actually!

questions for my nominees

favourite childhood memory? / biggest pet peeve? / if you could up and move anywhere in the world, where would you go? / which accent do you prefer...british, australian or irish? / what are you most proud of doing in your life? / stilettos or wedges? / are you tidy or messy?...honestly now ladies! / what do you like most about the blogging world? / favourite season? / worst job you have ever had? / if you had to choose; mascara or foundation?

and my nominees are.....

treasure tromp

3-oh-1 grace st

girl in flight

from elizabeth, with love

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the granberrys

just add sugar

going the distance

not all those who wander are lost

this has been such a fun post to do today, thank you for reading along and thank you sally.
for the nominees... make sure you leave a comment with a link to your post so i can read along.

and because no post if complete without a few pictures...

proof that the sun is actually shining in london!!!!
love joebeff x


  1. Yay! Thank you so much for the nomination! Also, I'm going to grab your button for my blog if you'd like to grab one of mine :-)

    1. Grabbed and added!!! Hope you are having a nice day :)

  2. How sweet of you to nominate me! It's so nice to meet you. :) I look forward to reading more of your posts. I will try to post my tag sometime this week.

    Hope you're having a great week!

    1. Thank you Lindsey :) Let me know when you do, would love to read!!
      Nic x

  3. Thanks for the nomination! Love your blog! : )

    1. Thanks so much :) really means alot :)

  4. wow blushing... thank so much! I love your blog too :)

    1. Thanks Samantha!! Your blog cracks me up! x

  5. Get out! 20x a day!? Your hands must be really soft :)

    I have never heard of that candy bar? Is it British? I love chocolate.

    1. yeah, at least twice an hour...quite a habit :s
      Maltesers are not so much a 'bar' but little chocolatey and honeycomb balls of heaven!!! you must try!

  6. Wow, thank you so much! You're the sweetest :)

    PS. I died laughing at the Ebenezer thing...too funny!

  7. I LOVE Friends!
    It's my favorite tv show.


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