last weekends antics // photo overload

18 July 2012

warning; this is long post and contains more than one photobomb.

saturday morning i took a detour on the way to the station and couldn't get over just how lovely the city looked all empty and silent.
the rain only added to the gorgeousness...

the rain was AWFUL when i arrived in basildon. i got drenched.
i was not impressed.

after a day of running errands with my mum we decided to get dressed up and go for some food in colchester town.
i wore a floor length maxi skirt and a frilly mustard top. o how girly of me!

look how beautiful these two ladies look!!
i do not know the man in the background....

this one makes the most cray cray faces.
yes i just dropped the cray cray bomb for the second time on this blog!!

these were my attempts at doing tasha's famous 'one eyebrow up weird face thing'.
i failed miserably.


photobomb. again.
i was on a roll people.
we then headed out to a bar...and this is where my photo taking becomes...sparse...
i blame the shocking amounts of alcohol i consumed and bumping into some of my favourite boys that i grew up with...i was beyond excited.

and that is that for saturday!!
hungover best explains how we spent sunday morning.

cuddles with oscar were top of my agenda.

and next up on the agenda was a trip out for cake before me and tash headed back to london....

and because i want to go to and snuggle in bed now i will save the rest of sundays pictures for tomorrow....
love joebeff x


  1. Ahh, looks like you had a great time! The rain is horrible isn't it - I walked for an hour in it home last night. NOT. FUN! xxx

    1. Thankyou Scarlett :)
      I am just happy that today there is at least a little sunshine around!
      Fingers crossed for next week :)


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