i am expecting...

26 July 2012

(i bet you are waiting to hear me say i am pregnant - no such luck people!)

i am actually expecting a present from biscuit today.
i feel i deserve one after his cheeky shenanigans cost me an hours sleep from 1am to 2am last night.
in his drunken state i had to literally put him to bed and look after him like i would a small child.
if he wasn't so cute i think i would have made him sleep on the sofa.

while he was out 'having it large' i had a really relaxing evening in by myself...
/ i spent an hour doing some gentle yoga - i have done yoga every day this week and am super proud of myself because of this. i just wish i could afford to keep going with my lessons from Patricia.

/ i watched the latest three episodes of new girl - best program ever??! schmidt is my hero. have you watched new girl? do you love it??

/ i enjoyed a large glass of red vino and painted my nails.. for the third time this week. obsession much??

/ i stood and looked at our ironing pile for a good ten minutes. i didn't have the heart to even attempt it. i am considering just throwing all the clothes under the sofa. i like things to look tidy okay?

/ i worried about goblin for a while as he has stopped eating his wet food. he still munches on his dry food and drinks his water, but it is hard not to worry..i don't know how parents do it to be honest.

/ i considered sorting out the clothes i am going to take on holiday, then decided i couldn't be bothered. spent 20 minutes on pinterest instead. was then proud that i didn't spend longer on it - i usually do.

/ i ate half a tub of ben & jerry's, then felt really guilty. for about 3 seconds.

/ looked through the pictures that i was tagged in from paint balling..and laughed..these boys crack me up..

sexy bunch of people huh??

/ i then looked through the pics on my phone, all 1282 of them and saw these that i took. then remembered i had never written the 'this is the kind of stuff i wear to and from work' post i had planned on. probably because it would be boring.

i believe that you can't go wrong with a good pair of ripped jeans.

so yeah, that was how i 'had it large' on a wednesday.
biscuit is out tonight too so i am expecting to do pretty much the same thing as last night.
i wonder what he is going to get me as a present...ideas anyone??


  1. I'm a big fan of ripped jeans. Or any type of jeans for that matter!

    1. Exactly! After all, it is how you wear them that matters!!


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