friday's letters

20 July 2012

dear biscuit, thanks for coming into work early every day with me this week, your cuddles on the train really do make me feel much better about these 8am starts.

dear weirdo's, you all seem to be coming out to play today. to the woman i saw this morning walking to the station, thank you for giving something to stare at.

dear treats,
you have won. i have given in to you pretty much every evening this week. if i turn in to a giant malteser at any point you know why!

dear london, i hope you start to get a little sunnier soon. us british people really need some sunshine.

dear goblin, you are so adorable. especially when you get excited by a sharpie pen and play with it for close to an hour.

dear blog world, thank you for being so lovely to me. i really love having this little spot on the internet and you make it all worth while :)

dear italy, see you soooooon!!!!!

dear mum, the pub will be sorted soon i promise.
i can't wait till next weekend so i can work in it! and remember....

love joebeff xx


  1. Well hello fellow Brit AND Tom's wearing blogger!!! So wonderful to meet up via the link up!! England....tell me about it!! I truly am a Brit - I complain about it EVERY DAY!!! Haha!! I am relocating to the US next week and I know that as soon as I leave, your sunshine shall be here, so be ready!! Love your letters, so glad me "met" :) Have a great weekend my friend! Sally xoxo

  2. You are going to Italy?! Girl, am I jealous. Also, I hope it gets sunnier where you are, soon-- it's rainy here and I am not motivated to leave this couch. :) Happy Friday!


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