an ever growing to-do list...(and the jubilee weekend pictures)

17 July 2012

i love a list.
and boy is my to-do list quite something this week.
1. i need to sit down and sift through the hundreds of photos that i took last weekend and work out which ones i can put on here..
i am hoping this post will be ready tomorrow. eek.

2. i need to 'be good this week'
translation = i am going to try not to have any treats for the rest of the week.
(and by treats you should know i mean maltesers)
i have a feeling this one will not get crossed off.

3. no treats is swiftly followed by no booze this week/weekend/week after.
i need to be skinny for holiday!!

4. i need to sort out my holiday clothes.
this one shouldn't be too hard, i plan on doing only 5 things in tuscany;
eating, drinking, relaxing by the pool, yoga-ing by the pool and exploring.
= pair of shorts, 7 tops, 2 bikinis, 1 maxi dress, 1 short dress and 1 yoga outfit.
easy peasy.

5. find a storage solution for my 9 bags of cosmetics that are sitting on my floor.
this one has been on my list for weeks now.
if anyone wants to come round and do it for me that would be great.

6. put up the pics from last months cray cray Jubilee Weekend.
ooooooh and here they are....look at that, what a coincidence.

(here is a little background to these will explain why we are all wearing pj's and our hair is the way it is)
sunday 3rd June. the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
biscuit, myself, sam, harriet and alex decided we would all go and join in the festivities.
get involved we a part of it this grand occasion.

we chose to go and see the Jubilee Thames Flotilla.

a thousand boats floating up the Thames.

what a great atmosphere, its guaranteed to be exciting isn't it??

we did not anticipate that it would be so incredibly busy that we couldn't get anywhere near the Thames.

not even close.

we couldn't even see a ripple of water let alone a bloody boat.

then very 'uncharacteristically' the heavens opened.

we got soaked. like reallllllly soaked.

we looked like we had taken a dip in the Thames we so wanted to see.

there was no where to hide.

it was so busy everywhere that we couldn't get on a bus let alone a tube, there were no taxi's available for hours and the pubs were rammed to capacity.

after waiting out in the rain for about an hour and a half we managed to queue for a tube back to balham.

once in balham we stocked up on bottles of vino, gin, coke, tonic, prosecco and whisky.

we hung out our dripping wet clothes and put on pj's and some music.

these pictures tell the tale of what followed;

and it was at this point when we switched the camera to b+w instead of sepia.
don't ask why, we had consumed a lot of booze.
maybe we thought the b+w might make us look less drunk?

judging by the next photo's it didn't.

it was a good sunday.
back to my list now...

7. do standard house-wife chores.
ironing, cleaning, arranging diaries, looking after goblins.

8. remember what i was doing before i started this post.
do it.
am i or am i not in for an awesome fun-filled week?!!!

love joebeff

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