after work...

26 July 2012

usually goes something like this..

coffee for the walk to the station.
flip flops standard.
ripped jeans standard.

cuddles with goblin the second i get home.
hair everywhere standard.
purring standard.

blog blog blog.
read read read.

i won't include the tub of ben & jerry's that i demolished just after this picture was taken.
pretty ashamed about that to be honest.
not good the week before holiday. yeeesh...

biscuit just got home, so i am off to spend the rest of the evening (the last hour or so) with him.


  1. Haha! Sounds pretty similar to my life lately :)

    Awesome blog, I added your button to mine!

  2. currently also eating ice cream and blogging. The best.

    drop by and say hello!


  3. Aw what a lovely cat :) and I usually read blogs after work too, it's a great way to unwind, but I wish I had a cat to pet too though :)

    Lisa xx

  4. Ahhh this makes me miss life without kids. Strolling with a coffee, chilling out at home eating ice cream hehe. Sounds perfect. Saying hello from the other side of London :-)


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