thursdays are for random thoughts.

28 June 2012

//thought number 1
for biscuits birthday i co-ordinated a collection for his present.
his present was an iPad.
i have since been bumped down on biscuit's 'list of favourite things' to spot number 3.
games and his iPad are currently ahead of me. this pisses me right off.

//thought number 2
i have re-discovered a love for LUSH products.
as pay back for being bumped down on 'the list', i have since tried all of the LUSH products in the set that i gave to him as a gift.
i love re-discovering things. sorry biscuit.

//thought number 3
i have spent every lunch time this week outside.
this is where i go to sit; the Saatchi Gallery, looks gorgeous huh?

//thought number 4
a few weeks ago i cut gluten out of my diet and i have been feeling a lot better for it.
there are still times when i have a small bit of cake or a cheeky biscuit, but on the whole i have really surprised myself with how easy it has been.
i mean come on, look at how nice my lunch was today!!

//thought number 5
my colleague sylwia bought me in a little gift today...

how utterly adorable is that???
i am so thankful that i work with such a lovely person.
in these last 6 months or so she has really become a good friend to me and she really is one of a kind!

//thought number 6
i have realised i have a complete obsession with painting my nails.
a while back i made it my goal to grow much nicer nails and as this is going uber well, i have become obsessed with painting them.
it is not uncommon for me to paint them upto 3 times in one week.

this is my colour for today and tomorrow.
i will re-paint them a more 'weekend' colour on friday night.
see? obsessed.

//thought number 7
i really do love living in london.
you see things like this.

and don't even bat an eyelid.

//thought number 8
i love grainy, black and white photos from nights out.
i mean honestly look at all of our faces in the picture below.
would be much worse in a hi-def color photograph!!

//thought number 9
i am so incredibly thankful for such a wonderful family and such gorgeous friends.
on the other hand i am super jealous that my sister gets to spend so much time this summer with my mum and dad and wendy and little oscar.
totes jealous.

//thought number 10
i am really excited to have a weekend that involves no plans.
and i will leave you today with a cute picture of my main man with his favourite giraffe's.

love joebeff


  1. what a cute little gift! I love mugs like that.

    I just randomly found your blog, and love it. Looking forward to following along!
    xoxo Nicole

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    Keep spreading the word on facebook and twitter, I really appreciate!
    Thank you so much for the love & support!!


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