My friday note session - 1,2 & 3

1 June 2012

i am not too sure why exactly i have chosen to do a note by note post today.
the only justification and reasoning that i do have is that everything in my head seemed utterly jumbled and unrelated but i wanted to say them all today.

so here you are...three different notes on three different topics!

note number 1
this week has well and truly flown by.
I am not sure if it was the migraine that took over my head on tuesday or the groggy feeling that has been buzzing around in my head ever since (and that i cannot seem to shift) but i haven’t been on top of things this week.
please accept my apologies.

what i have been doing though is creating a 'wireframe' for my blog.

(wire frame = one of those annoying advertising buzz words which means an outline - i think??)

in other words..i have been drawing out a basic sketch/framework of what i want my blog to look like, the feel of it, the colours, how i want things to link together, blah blah - you know how it is and i have absolutely loved doing it!

and the best thing about this whole situation is that biscuit said he would re-design and implement all of my little ideas into reality for me.
how lucky am i??
i have no clue as to when this will actually materialise into one gorgeous looking blog (if i may say so myself) but let's all cross our toes for that happening one day soon!!
here is a completely unrelated picture of a dog wearing glasses that always makes me smile and reminds me quite a bit of ben...

note number 2
this weekend is the Diamond Jubilee for our wonderful Queen Elizabeth II...!
isn't being British awesome?

well yes, it is amazing and awesome, but what i like most about this monumental historic event happening is that we get not one, but TWO bank holidays!
this makes for a four day weekend!
i mean honestly, isn't that brilliant?
bring on the weekend!

note number 3
this morning i have been having a gaze through some of the pictures i have taken over the years.
this seems to happen every now and then and it really makes me smile.
every time.
the ritual of just having a sit down and remembering all of the good times i have had, thinking about how my life has changed in these past few years and having a good old giggle at how silly some people can be around me...makes me remember how utterly lucky i am.

this is a snapshot of what i have been up to for the past 6 or so years...

I'm nervous about sharing.
o well, here goes...

well there you have it.
i hope you enjoyed?
have a really lovely weekend everyone,
love lots,
joebeff x

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