morning people?? i am NOT one of those people.

27 June 2012


noun /iˈpifənē/ 
epiphanies, plural
The manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi (Matthew 2:1–12)
A manifestation of a divine or supernatural being
A moment of sudden revelation or insight

i had one of these 'epiphanies' yesterday morning.
(the sudden revelation type, not the Christ manifestation type)

"i remember you telling me once that you're a morning person.

i can safely say that you are most definetely not.

quite the opposite in fact."

(quote; biscuit @ 7:45am, tuesday 26th july 2012)

there it was. the so called epiphany.
i had always had the impression that early risers = morning people.
in my world because i am an early riser it meant that i must be a morning person.

it was as those words tumbled out of his mouth that i realised i was wrong and he was right. 
it felt like someone had punched me in the face.
it was obvious.
i am an evening person

there are a few reasons why i am not a morning person...
/ even the slightest things that don't go my way in the morning annoy the shit out of me.

/ this annoyance can last for the whole morning.

/ my body feels achey in the morning and it refuses to do yoga to make it feel better. 

/ i am much more prone to feelings of anxiety, stress and sadness in the morning. 

/ even if i am out of the door 8am, all dressed and wearing a full face of make-up, i am not properly awake till about 10am. this goes for being on an early shift and leaving at 7am. ouch. 

/ stupid people on my morning commute can send me into a blind rage. 

and here are some reasons why i am an afternoon/evening person....

/ i am simply a much nicer person.

/ i have a far greater tolerance for idiots and commuters. 

/ i dont get those annoying feelings of anxiety, stress and sadness.

/ i love to practice yoga in the evenings. it helps me unwind, relax and stretch out from the day.

/ i am much more productive; i can eliminate a tonne of things off my to-do list with pure ease.

/ i tidy the flat much better and much faster in the evening (compared to when i tidy in the morning and this has only happened on one occasion.)

/ i laugh a lot and love being silly. 

(Source: Harvard Business Review (July-August 2010) pg. 31)

i had never before thought about myself in this way and let me tell you this,that epiphany has changed my life - albeit i only had it yesterday, but this is my blog and i can make grand claims if i wish!

now i am aware that i am definetely an evening person it means that i can adapt my way of thinking in the morning in order to try to create a more placated, nicer and happier version of joebeff. 

i promise to make a conscious effort.
and hopefully that will tone down 'the crazy'....

don't you just hate it when your boyfriend is right? 

last night i had a lovely evening, getting organised, list making, practicing yoga, having a lovely long shower, painting my toe nails, having dinner, drinking tea and of course...enjoying a few cheeky maltesers.

it was lovely lovely lovely. 
(i believe that the repetition was needed there as it was THAT nice.

come to think of it.. there is one little thing however that does make me smile in the mornings...

kisses on the head from my biscuit. 

hope you are all having a nice humpday!!
love joebeff xxxx

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