monday boo-hoo

11 June 2012

dear rain,
i have a few things to say to you. you pesky little thing.

i think you are yucky.

you make this gorgeous city look grey and awful (see photo above and below for evidence)

you make me even more glum on a monday morning than i usually am,

you make people generally miserable,

you make them soggy,

you turn their smiles upside down,

you make the trains late (i would love to know how you manage this),

you make the bus damp and horrible smelling,

you make it so that i can't take a nice refreshing walk on my lunch,

you make it so that us british folk can't enjoy the summer that is supposed to happen at this time of the year,

you cause flooding and devastation in my mums gorgeous pub,

you give me sleepless nights worrying if you will flood her pub again,

you ruin my shoes and you sog up my jeans.

you have such a huge effect on everyone here and i am a little tired of it now.

i would appreciate if you would give way to some sunshine now please?

pretty please?


i am fully aware that this is just a giant moan, buuuuut if you are living in london and have had to deal with the fact that it has rained almost religiously every day for the last few months, you will understand how i feel...
tonight i will be a little happier, when i am at home all snuggled up with my boys.
but until then,
enjoy your monday..

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