Just so you know..

7 June 2012

if we were to be friends you should probably know that....

the first thing i do when i get home is take my make-up off and put pj's on.
even if you were to come over i would still do this.

i drink far far too much tea. and i always, without a doubt, put the milk in first.
and yes i can taste the difference when it goes in after, so try not to make that mistake.

i have whole and completely meaningful conversations with little goblin like he is an actual person. and i will probably try to involve you in the conversation too. play along, it sure is fun.

i still have the teddy that i was given as a baby. and his name is eddy. he has always travelled with me and i only ever lost him once.
(don't panic, he was safely returned to me - thanks to my heroic dad making a huge slight de-tour across LA)
don't try to hide him, i will not find it funny.

i actually speak differently when it is just me and biscuit. i try to stop myself from doing it around other people as its just plain embarrassing, but i cannot promise this.

i can get anxious and stressed sometimes and i probably wont talk to you about it until i know that i can trust you. completely.
don't take it personally, it's a private thing.

i have more cosmetics than is actually useful. there literally is not enough of me to go through that amount of moisturiser. i usually do a big clear out every now and then, so be sure to be around when it happens, you might just walk away with a handful of goodies.

i have an incredibly loud cackle (inherited from my mum) when i laugh my 'proper laugh'.
it only gets louder the more prosecco i have.

i hate to have dirty plates/mugs hanging round. i have to clean them up immediately or i simply just cannot relax.

i love girly nights out. but usually love the getting ready bit before more than the actual night out.

i try really hard to be there for my friends but we aren't all perfect and if i am not doing a brilliant job please pull me up on it.

i love vino.

and finally, this is how i like to spend saturday afternoons;

hope you are having a good thursday..

Joebeff x

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