A day of sorts // Nesting

13 June 2012

it is the smallest things that can make me happy.

it might be a new pair of shoes, a new bag, or the way that biscuit kisses my forehead most mornings on our morning commute. it could be the way goblin follows me around some days, getting himself all wrapped up between my feet. it may be something as simple as having a cup of tea and some chocolate in bed while watching some tv.
today it has been that unusual mixture of things that have made me happy.

one of those days when if all those random bits didn't happen all in that one would have been like any other day.

i call a day like today, a day of sorts.
calm and centred happened to me today, and if i am to be honest, this hasn't happened to me all that much recently.

but this morning as the sun shone through our curtains, and i enjoyed cuddles with goblin and biscuit. i just thought that today i might just have my shit together.

i have never been one to just sit and wait for things to happen to me.

once i have made my mind up, i go out there and i do things to change what i do not like. i go out there guns blazing.

and that is what i did today. i made my mind up and went out and done something about it.
i made some good decisions today and took some pretty big steps to making things happen.

tonight as the boys watched the footie in the living room, i set up my own little nest in bed...with that aforementioned cup of tea, some naughty chocolate treats and some good tv.

i let all of today and its nice positive thoughts and happenings wash over me.

i didn't sit and think about what i am going to do next, or what i have to cross off my never ending to-do list. i just sat, all wrapped up snugly in my duvet, knowing my best friend was close by and didn't think. i was just me. the stripped down version of me. the relaxed and smiley version of me.

i took a night off from being 'too hard on myself' (biscuits own words there)

and o my it was a lovely evening.

but what i love most about today is that i now have my biscuit lying next to me and asking me if he can have my attention now.

night night, sweet dreams,
joebeff x

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