boys - this post is not beauty related. MY LIFE LATELY.

20 June 2012

my life lately.
with lots of filters layered over the top.

thank you instagram and cross process for making me and the rest of the world look markedly more photogenic.
we much appreciate your effort.

look at how much he is enjoying us loading him up like a buckaroo!

back to reality. i am sure he is creating a list in his little kitty brain of all these things we do to him.
his payback is certain.

last weekend was a really busy one actually, i saw my friends friday night over many a few glasses of vino. saturday was spent with biscuits family in westfield where we enjoyed some shopping and amazing food at Byron. sunday was Fathers Day so i had a little trip to Colchester to spend some time with dad, my sis and wendy.

all in all, what i like to call a successful weekend.

that coffee was very much needed after my alcohol fuelled friday night.
you can see the hangover in my eyes.

i have been known once or twice to pull what people call the 'duck face'.
i don't know why i do it, i just do.
i will continue to do this as i recently found out my sister hates it.

i would also like to point out that my sister makes this face ALL THE TIME.

but do i say anything even if it ANNOYS THE HELL OUT OF ME????


but then again i am much nicer than her....

my thoughts regarding the above pictures -

1.// i considered that i maybe needed new jeans. that thought lasted only 5 seconds as soon as i remembered they are my comfiest jeans.

2.// last weekend i experienced both the best BBQ food ever (cooked by my lovely daddy) AND the best milkshake that exists in the world (made by Byron - the restaurant). you can find the milkshake at westfield shopping centre and my daddy in Essex.

3.// how cute is my mom?

4.// how cute is goblin? this picture was taken literally seconds before he stuck his entire head in the glass. rofl.

5.// no-one told me that Lambrini actually tastes nice. and at £1.40 a bottle, i consider it my new recession busting drink of choice.

6.// how cute is my outfit? thank you so much caroline for treating me!!!

okay, so that concludes my boy-friendly post...
i also promised fridya night that i would name a post 'biscuits melting in the sun' for Melly; it is being drafted i promise!!

enjoy wednesday my lovelies,

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