5 things i happen to love..

8 June 2012

1. this nail polish

i painted my nails on monday and i haven't touched them up since then.
in my eyes this is an incredible achievement (the only other nail polish that has lasted as long as this on my little fingernails is Rimmel Lycra Pro polish)
impressed is an understatement.
well done Leighton Denny!

2. this perfume

got this as a gift for xmas from my biscuit and every time i wear it this big smile creeps across my face. i cant help it.
he's got good taste that biscuit.

3. this hand cream

as i used to work for Clarins i loved their legendary Hand & Nail Treatment Cream and used it religiously for years...however i received this Dove hand cream as part of a xmas gift and it blew me away. it is by far the best hand cream out there. (in my humble opinion!)

4. this body cream

as all good things come in pairs (apparently)...this was the other part to that lovely xmas gift i was talking about.
this body cream is fab as it sinks in super quickly and softens even the driest of elbows and legs!!
oh and it also smells lovely too!

a little confession needs to be made here....
it just came to me that when i said "i received this as part of a xmas gift" i wasn't strictly telling the truth...

i have been known in the past/present to steal borrow products from my mums or my sister if i feel they deserve to be used in a more 'appreciative' way.
i simply love products more than them and feel that it is okay to steal borrow things as a consequence. i confess that i may have found this little set of Dove products in my sisters room and decided that i would like to try them. so strictly speaking, it wasn't a gift for me, but i did 'adopt' the gift.
and she was in america at the time so it doesn't count anyway.
and back to the point.
i also happen to love....

5. this girl; katie dixon

we call her "fish".
why, you ask? because she is literally as mad as a fish.
she is my sisters best friend and up there as one of the funniest people i know.
i don't know if you noticed, but not only is she gorgeous but she also has the worlds most incredible eye lashes. bitch.

my sister is lucky to have such amazing friends and here are a few pictures of the more "normal" things they get up to..

Tash will be so livid i put that last picture up of her but o well; looking at it has made me laugh all morning.

this weekend i am off to spend some time with my mum and sister.
biscuit is at home looking after goblin. have a good one!

happy friday

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