wishing my life away?

25 May 2012

there i am playing on my shiny new iphone on the way to work and i get a text from biscuit.

'I have decided that when we both retire, we are heading to america and chilling out in the sun all day'

my heart skipped a beat and i got butterflies in my tummy. here is a man who wants to spend the rest of his life with me. little old me.

me with the crazy obsessions and the ability to over-complicate everything.

me the person who could spend days trawling around Boots reading the labels of every convievable product, just because.

me who will dance around the flat in the silliest way in the hope that biscuit will join in - he usually always does.

me. i am the person that he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

since when did i get so lucky?

we are all told to live for the moment.
but when i get a text like that?
all the will power in the world couldn't stop me from looking forward at what could be.

that moment when he asks me to be his wife. the day i actually become his wife. our honeymoon travelling the world. that moment we sign on the line to buy our first house. when we have our first, second and third child and the years ahead of us as a family with our little goblin and a big dog called. sending off the kids for their first day at school. the christmas holidays with our families. our children moving out of home. retiring together to a sunny corner of america. growing old and looking back on our wonderfully blessed lives.

i dont care if you think that i live in a fantasy world but i am allowed to dream and thoughts like this define me and the kind of person i am.
it reminds me that he loves me back in the same way.
i may only be 22 but i know what makes me happy.

happy friday lovelies.
remember to dream big.

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