umbrella banter.

15 May 2012

ben made my morning on the way to work today.

here's how the story goes.
i'm sure you would all agree that sharing an umbrella is tricky at the best of times.

and for the record... i am talking about one of those normal handbag size umbrellas. the one most women have for days like this.

not one of those hugs golfing ones that can comfortably hold a family of 4 under them, that you usually keep in the boot of your car and can keep everyone under them as dry as the sahara desert. no. not one of those.

so this morning was a normal tuesday morning, we are walking through the foyer of our building and we glance outside outside in unison.
now there is a f**king surprise!

i reach into my handbag and root around for a minute trying to locate my trusty one-man umbrella.
i notice out of the corner of my eye that biscuit is staring at me with those big brown eyes and a look that is quite indescribable. its a helpless and demanding look all wrapped up as one. what a talent he has!
the decision has been made without my consent.

we're sharing that umbrella.
biscuit is a tall so-and-so and therefore i knew that the second i was sharing i was going to get rained on. why is that you might add??
i'm the smaller person. i will not be as protected mainly because the umbrella is going to be held two foot above my head protecting biscuits precious head and upper body.
he snatches the umbrella and we brave the storm-like weather.
(that may be a slight exaggeration there - but none the less it wasn't bone dry either)
'im getting wet ben! looooooook, im all wet down this siiiiiiiiiide...and its in my baaaaaaaggg now'
i huff, i stick out my bottom lip, i pout.
no response.
more pouting on my part.
'oh pipe down woman!' (well maybe he didn't use those precise words but i am the one telling this story and this is my interpretation)
'ben i am not impressed. you have a hood, why can't you use that?'
'HA! NO. but wouldn't it be funny if i just ran off??? i mean i'm holding the umbrella..what could you do??'
'you wouldn't dare. there is not a chance you would even try your luck with that one mister.'
i thought that would be the end of it.
famous last words.
i genuinely never thought at any point he would actually take off and start running away.
but there he was. zagging along balham high road at high speed.
it was quite a sight and i just stood there with my chin on the floor.
it was at this point that i made a half hearted attempt to run after him, but after two years of fun and games like this i gave up pretty quickly. i have learnt that he can run much faster than me.
i then started laughing so hard it was border line embarrassing. i mean what else was i going to do but laugh?
it was honestly a brilliant moment.
eventually when i caught up i gave him a big old kiss and pinched his bum all the way to the tube because he had been so cheeky. a fine punishment if i may say so myself!
so..what did i learn from 'umbrella gate'?
 - that if you laugh as much as i did this morning it really does set you up to be in a good mood for the rest of the day.
 - that ben never ceases to surprise me.
 - to never share my umbrella. or at least keep a hold of it when i do share it.
here a few snippets of my weekend.
and here are some of the thoughts swirling around in my head lately..
// sis-wa is back from the US toward the end of this month. looking forward to a cuddle so so much.
//...i'm getting sick and tired of how much it costs to live in london.
//...i am totally enjoying my journey practising yoga..if only i could give more time to it.
//...addicted to Game of Thrones. even if i do annoy biscuit to the high heavens asking questions every five minutes.
//...really enjoyed spending time with my dad and the O'Neill clan in liverpool.
//...goblin gets more and more gorgeous every day.
//...i finally jumped on the iPhone band waggon. don't know how i had a blackberry so long..
//...had such a fun time at tram and social saturday night with clairebear.
//...needs to stop eating chocolate.
//...seriously considering cutting my hair..this act requires a tonne of bravery on my part which i simply do not posses with regards to my hair.
//...reminding myself every day that i have just so many things to smile about..
//...wandering honestly why courtney stodden was put on this earth? she makes me embarrassed to be a woman.

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  1. oh gosh, i know what you mean -- it takes me months to give myself a pep talk everytime i decide to get a haircut, haha! ;)

    p.s. i had a blackberry before i got an iphone too!

    <3, Mimi
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