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24 May 2012

This post is going to be a mixture of many things as I am in one of those moods today. You know one of those indecisive annoying moods?

so here is part 1...//
I have a confession to make...
I nibble.
On my nails.
I know, I know, it is a horrible habit and one that I am not proud of.

For the last few months though I have gotten much better at biting my nails and they are looking really healthy.

The only problem is that as I no longer am allowed to bite my actual nails (my boss threatened to buy a whip to hit me with if she saw me biting them) I have a tendency to chew at the cuticles and skin around my nails.

For fear of being gross to those with a more sensitive nature...nibbling the skin around the nails can be sore. It looks sore, it hurts to touch, it bleeds, it gets manky and infected. Basically it is horrible.
For the life of me I wish I could stop and generally not be so gross but as I do it without even realising, it tends to be a hard habit to stop.
I have however found a brilliant way of dealing with this gross problem.

dun dun duuuuuuuh....


Who knew that this handy pot of antiseptic healing cream (the clue is in the title) would work such wonders at healing my little fingers???
I have been slathering it on about 3 times a day and it has not only helped the healing process of my poor nails but also dramatically improved the condition of my actual nails.
weird huh?

Definitely got to try it ladies.
I'm hoping I will have the most beautiful hands/nails/cuticles in the land soon!!!!!!
- did i just say 'in the land'???? i am obviously having Game of thrones withdrawal here -

And here is part 2...//
Here are a few snaps of how i have spent the last few evenings in this gorgeous weather we are having here in london...

This is my sisters 'excited face'. Scary huh?? She will probably kill me / find a horrendous picture of me to get back at me for posting this up here. Bring it on.

She gets home today after being away studying geekness in North Carolina for a year.
To say i have missed having her just round the corner is an understatement.
I could just squeal with excitement!! 

This last one is not how I like to spend my thursday morning commute...

I decided to avoid the queue and walk - I mean who wants to be waiting on that platform for 25 minutes?
Not me!!!!

Happy thursday xx

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