I will have another of those weekends please?

21 May 2012

According to my *sparkly* new iphone my weekend looked like this...

As ben was away for work friday night, goblin was my little sleeping partner..

Waiting for my lift on saturday morning I made a friend. He was on his way to the Queen's party at Windsor Castle and needed help with his army dress suit pins. As a thankyou for helping he let me try on his hat!

Windsor Oakley Court hotel is beautiful. I wish I could live there and have furniture and chairs like this everywhere in my house. Oh to be a millionaire with a stately home!

Saturday night was a truly girly evening filled with prosecco (in true holly and nicola style of course!), dancing around, make-up and hair, giggles and banter!!
Here are about a million snaps from our awesome night.

Aren't these just the most gorgeous girls??? Look how amazing my friend sarah looks all pregnant and glowing!

Yesterday was one of those days where we didn't get out of bed till midday and then didn't move from the sofa until 3pm!

We decided about 4pm that it was time we got some fresh air and had a walk down to tooting broadway - we needed boring things like tea towels and tea bags, a bread knife and fairy liquid.
what an exciting life we live.
Naturally we stopped off at a lovely pub on the way for some much needed tea and snacks and then set off on our travels again.


  1. I loved our weekend....WWKD?

  2. our weekend was rather epic wasn't it.....

    i want you to start a blog too! pretty please???

  3. I would definitely take an awesome weekend like that. And your kitty has the BIGGEST eyes!

  4. i think your weekend looks fantastic! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  5. um i want your weekend!!

  6. Thank you Andrea D for your lovely comments, Goblin is such a cheeky cat and i swear his eyes make him look even more mischevious!

    Your blog is brilliant and i am following along!!

    Have a good day, x

  7. Thankyou Jes and Mimi for your kind words, I really appreciate it :)

    Am following along with your blogs, such wonderful posts :)

    Have a lovely rest of your week


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