happy friday

18 May 2012

some days my journey to work just isn't so bad.
today thankfully was one of those days!!

the tubes were empty, i got a seat on both lines, i didn't have to share my most precious personal space with a stranger and i got to walk the rest of the way, enjoying the fresh air and some sun...
it's the small things eh?

on a day like this it it the small things that will get me through to the weekend?
why, you ask?
well today at work there are only 2 meetings booked in.
yesterday there were near 30.
makes for a very long and slow day.
here are a few snaps of my morning.

do you not just wish you could have flowers like this on your door step?? oh how the other half live!!!

getting my hair cut soon....length ideas people?


he loves his giraffe's this one. what a handsome man!

this is what i get to come home to tonight...
oh joys!

tomorrow i get to put my make-up hat back on and do the make-up for four gorgeous women for a wedding they are attending!
scary but totally looking forward to it.

i hope you all have a lovely friday.....wish me luck with that mountain of ironing!!

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