sleeping like a baby..thank you yoga!

12 April 2012

last night i slept like a baby.
it was amazing.
i am 100% convinced that the reason i slept so well was the fact that last night i went to a yoga class in Clapham with Antonia of Yoga Yippee.

Antonia was a brilliant teacher, gently guiding and adjusting my unbelievably stiff and inflexible body where i needed it most and leading the class in such a way that was completely accessible and understandable to beginners - there were a few of us in the class!
i walked out with a smile on my face and my body feeling nearly new.
hasten to say i will be going back on a weekly basis!

this weekend biscuit and i have another of our private yoga lessons with Particia of Yoga Siromani. Patricia is a brilliant teacher and has really taught biscuit and i the importance of taking some time to relax and just to enjoy ourselves! we are finding that her lessons are a brilliant way to learn more in depth about the practice of yoga. i am a sucker for learning!

i always feel so calm and relaxed after practicing and have noticed, even after just a few weeks how much my body is beginning to adjust, realign and heal itself.

i think i'm hooked.

this morning biscuit made my day.
he is such a brilliant boyfriend. fact.
he purchased a deal on living social for me and my mom so that we could go and enjoy a luxury mani & pedi together in Knightsbridge!!
to say he put a smile on my face is an understatement.

i could list a million and one reasons why i love him, but im sure you wouldnt all care to sit here and read them all, so lets just he always knows how to make me smile...

here are a few of my favourite pictures of us...

enjoy your thursday and remember to smile :)

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