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27 April 2012

happy friday!!
i hope you have all had a lovely week?

for me this week has been a wierd combination of exciting, average, fast, slow, busy and boring all at once. if that is even possible?

wednesday night we went for dinner with biscuits mom, his 'broheims' (don't ask, its their word for brothers!), harriet and one of harriets work friends.
it was a lovely evening with plenty of food, a few drinks and a good old natter!

last night however was not such a lovely evening and i wont go into too much detail, but i reduced myself to tears because none of my 'going out dresses' fit me anymore. it was awful but biscuit was amazing with me though, he is the worlds best boyfriend though so i don't know what i expected?
the worst thing about my mini-meltdown was that i am not unhappy with my figure/weight/appearance. i simply couldn't believe nothing fitted me anymore and hadn't realised how my body shape has changed and become more 'womanly'.

enough said and the silver lining means i get to buy myself a new dress to wear for tomorrow night.

anyway, sorry about that detour there. back to the point i was going to make about how incredibly excited i am to go away to brighton this weekend - it has come around so fast, and i really can't imagine better people to go away with!

so in total there are 12 of us going and we are staying in a hostel in the middle of brighton.
surprisingly i am fine with the 'sharing a room with 11 other people thing', it is the 'shower situation' that i don't like.

i like having a nice hot shower. i like not having to worry about who has stood in there before me. i like being able to spend time exfoliating, washing my hair, shaving my legs before a night out.
i do not like hostel showers.
o well, time to 'man up'. yay.

for this weekend us girls are coming prepared - we have been co-ordinating via a girls only fb thread working out who needs to bring what, hairdryers, straighteners, mirrors..etc, etc, the list goes on! the things us girls have to do eh? and more so i am sure the boys haven't thought twice about things like this and will drag themselves out of bed 5 minutes before we are wanting to go out and still make it in time. o to be a simple boy!

at 7pm this evening we will be getting on our little train to brighton and our weekend will start...i expect to be horrendously hungover on sunday but simply don't care one bit!!
have a lovely weekend peoples!
joebeffs x

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