great timing

5 April 2012

one of the main reasons that i am looking forward to this weekend is the fact that i get to spend some quality time with ben.

in these next four days - starting in only 3 hours time yipppeee - we can have sleepy mornings, coffee in the village, walks (weather permitting - doesn't look hopeful), watching good films, drinking vino, late night snacks and cuddles with goblin. sounds good doesn't it?

the daily grind has been getting to us this past week and we have both been struggling to keep happy and smiley, but the prospect of some time away from the crowded tubes and the constant noise of the city is keeping us both going for those loooong last few hours. i think i need a break only to stop people asking "whats the matter, you dont seem yourself"..maybe im just a little tired and want some time to rest and relax.

not only am i looking forward but last night was really fun too.
we met up with biscuits brothers, dad and the lovely harriet in farringdon.
we went to this pub.

we drank a few pints of bizarrely named beers/ciders, had a good catch up, laughed and joked then we went for a burger and played a little poole - the boys i hasten to say were rubbish. all in all it was a lovely evening.

even though i know i will have a nice weekend, i wish i could be in essex with my mom, louise and chris tonight.
or maybe in florida with dad, wendy, tash and the american clan for lindsey's wedding.
or maybe barbados, sunning it up on a beach...because who wouldnt want to be in barbados when the weather is this shit in london????

well i think that is enough of my random ponderings for now..
much love x

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