easter bunny..

8 April 2012

i've eaten a HUGE amount of food this weekend...
these easter treats being only a few of the naughty things i had. im convinced my uniform will be a little tight on tuesday when i go back to work.

today was spent at jojo's. eating yet more food and drinking yet more vino. seems to have been a running theme this weekend, dont you think?

tomorrow morning will be an early start, heading back to london to see biscuits brothers , along with his cousin dean. carting all of our new clothes and shoes, along with a little goblin will be fun im sure. a day spent with sam, alex, harriet, dean and my biscuit will be worth it though..

im missing my family a tonne at the moment.
i want to go for afternoon tea with my mom at the garden centre. i really miss laughing and cackling our way through pots of tea and slices of cake. i miss being around someone who knows me better than myself and making me realise that with her unconditional love i can achieve anything.

i miss my dad because even just the thought of him makes me smile and realise that it is not only my mom who loves me unconditionally but him too. he always tells me he is proud of me and i am so proud to call him my dad.

i miss my sister because even though we have a hard time sometimes and dont always see eye to eye, i can always count on her to be there with a cheeky smile on her face and usually some master plan to make me have a good time.

i miss wendy and the way she always looks out for my dad. i miss having a few too many glasses of wine with her and laughing at simple things like the way my dad always starts a conversation with 'did you know.....'
i miss my nan and grandad because they are just the sweetest, nicest people i know. i love the way that they literally have hearts of gold and would move the world for my mom if she needed it. not that she would ask!

i miss my oma and my grandad, and wish that he hadn't left this earth so soon...god rest his soul.

i miss all my fabulous uncles who i dont get to see often enough. always up for a laugh and always the life of the party. without a fail, trust me.

i miss my best friends beth, susan and sarah. because they are always there, regardless of whether it has been a few days, a few weeks or a few months since we spoke. friendships like that are precious.

i miss you all, and love to you all..

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