BRIGHTON. yippeeeee!!

24 April 2012

// this weekend i am going to brighton.

// i am literally so excited i am fit to burst. have been looking forward to this since forever. it will be a rowdy weekend with some amazing people!

// the fact that we are hopefully getting a new fridge soon has made my day. our fridge is barely cold enough to keep food or for longer than a few days. if its not a damp flat then sure enough itwould be a warm fridge to make me even more OCD.

// i have been really good these past few days that i am crossing things off my 'to-do list' at an incredible rate. it makes me feel like a little smug bug.

// sometimes i could scream with frustration at the lack of sunlight or fresh air i am denied because of my job. my body actually craves it when it comes to the weekend..

// i am slowly becoming more and more addicted yoga and the benefits that i feel after doing it. i am trying to do at least 20mins every day or every other day which helps make my body feel less like it has been scrunched up on a chair all day! there are worse things to be addicted to i suppose?

// i am getting more and more panicky about what to wear out this weekend...oh the decisions! on a related note, anyone who wants to buy me a new dress that fits properly...feel free!!

// i am really really really looking forward to our holiday in italy this summer.

// we have arranged a cat sitter to come and look after goblin this weekend. they come over a few times a day, feed him, clean up after him and play with him for a while. i am a teeny weeny bit worried but at the end of the day i have to remind myself that these are complete professionals who are CRB checked and all professed animal lovers. im sure it will be completely fine. eek!

// my day is going pretty slowly. hurry up week..i have places to go, people to drink with!!!

have a lovely day all..!

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