bank holiday adventure...

4 April 2012

last weekend we did this....

yoga to relax body and mind with patricia from yoga siromani. love it..

i relaxed and watched films and arrested development on the sofa while biscuit works. bless. i wonder who got the better end of the stick there!!

we had good food, good wine (i had a tasting for g&t though - yummy) and good company and there was a distinct lack of sunday morning hangover - winner!

sunday morning was made for a lie-in and snuggles with the two boys in my life.

sunday afternoons however involved me cleaning the entire flat by myself as biscuit was still working. looks like we both got the shity end of that stick!

here are a few pictures of the saturday night dinner party according to biscuits iphone..and one of goblin being silly..

dont ask me how goblin squidged himself in there...silly thing.

now coming from a retail job i realised last friday, much to my excitement i might add, that this week i have a four day week. yes sir, i actually get the bank holidays off now.

it was like christmas had come early...apparently according to my co-worker, the lovely Sylwia, my face was priceless! not only the fact i have friday off, i also get the monday off too.

all of these exciting revelations means that we get a little mini-holiday with our goblin.

we are staying in biscuits' moms house as she is in Bruges and we get to play house for a while....goblin can run around, play all over the shop, and me and biscuit can relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city...

excited doesnt even cover it...

on a more serious note i cannot explain how lucky and blessed i feel at this time in my life..i have a wonderful boyfriend who not only supports me and makes me laugh all the time but is also gorgeous. i have a job that gives me the time to spend weekends like this one coming up with the people i love. i have a wonderful family and a gorgeous group of friends who are mad but every bit as lovely.

and most importantly i have a gorgeous home. i am now living in a flat that makes me proud and is 100% humidity and damp free. gone are the panic attacks, the anxiety and the OCD with regards to smelling damp. (any of my friends or family will tell you that we both literally smelt damp for the best part of last year, and this drove me absolutely potty).

i really do believe that some things happen for a reason, and we now have some charmed life to show for it.
have a nice easter...

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