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11 April 2012

heartbreaking isn't it?
having to go back to work after four days of relaxing, eating, drinking and some more eating...and a little more relaxing...
well i dont know about you. but i am gutted. im like a little kid who had their last cake snatched from them. i know it is wednesday and i only have two more days left till the weekend but i still have the right to sulk! i couldnt even bring myself to write a post yesterday as i was so flouncy...classic Joebeff!

however, on the bright side...
//last night i got to meet up with my gorgoeus friend Laura. we had a lovely catch up over a glass of vino and some pistachio nuts. then i got to hang out with Claire and Krissy at mine for a few hours when i got home. lush.

//tonight i have a yoga class to attend. to stretch, breathe and be calm is all i can think about today.

//this weekend there is yet more yoga involved, a day relaxing with biscuit and then a long overdue night out with Claire and Krissy.

//i have two gorgeous boys that i get to go home to every they are playing around..biscuit sure does like to pretend to eat poor goblin, maybe i should start worrying??

so all in all, this week will go fast. and it will not be super boring and lame. and i will enjoy it with a smile on my face.

there you are, my 'positive mental attitude' practise for the day? check.

as this post has no clear timeline, i am going to roll with it and re-cap what our little family got up to on monday and yes before you ask, it does involve yet more food and drinks.

we made our way back to the big city early moday morning with Dean in tow. as soon as we got home we settled Goblin back in and i unpacked with lightening speed (it is a most useless talent of mine). we then continued our journey west across to Stamford Brooks to spend some time with Bens brothers and Harriet...

Harriet made a delicious lasagne and some heavenly chocolate cornflakes cakes.

we watched ZombieLands and then played a zombie board game. it was a rather complicted game but i had biscuit on my side and we won. it was not down to my amazing skills or talent as i didnt know what was going on about 90% of the game.

we then had a few cheeky pints down at the local pub...

hope you all have a lovely wednesday...

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