the adventures of goblin

20 April 2012

Oh to have goblins life...its the stuff dreams are made of. Let's take a moment to imagine it...

You wake up, have a good old stretch, munch away on some food of that you havent made yourself.
You decide to take another nap as it really is hard being this beautiful.
You arise from your slumber again, decide to play with your little giraffe teddy for a little while. That gets boring..why not try get into your bag of dreamies? Surely it cant be that hard?
Oh wow, apparently it is.

At this point you realise that you have had quite the strenuous morning - nap time, curl up under the bed and float away..

More stretching and clawing away at the carpet/sofa, now more yummy foods.
Why not another play with giraffe and another attempt at that dreamies pack?

You spend the next few hours waiting for your amazing mummy and daddy (that's us by the way) to get home (fyi waiting includes yet more shleeps).
When they arrive home and start speaking to you about their day you will probably take this oppotunity to wind in and out of their legs until they fall over and you can pounce on their laps for some much needed cuddles.
Its the moment you have been waiting for all day.
Gets boring quick though.
'thats enough strokes for me thank you, more scrummy food please'...
You gobble up the scrummy food, have a big old stretch and spend the rest of the evening slouching around with mummy and daddy.

Throughout the night when everyone else is getting into shleepy mode you will prowl around, pouncing at the few little bugs that have had the misfortune to fly through the window.

At this point you are very much awake after all the naps you have had - standard goblin procedure.
Making as much noise as possible, crawling all over the bed and playing with any toes and fingers you can get your teeth into, this is probably the best part of the day.
O my, what fun games you have!
Fast forward a while and add a few cuddles in and then its morning. And it all starts again.

Now wouldn't you just love that life? I think that goblin is the most amazing cat in the world but there might be a little bias in there. He is such a little character and he is a good as a friend as any!!


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