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28 March 2012

so i have wanted to write for a good while now but my head has just not been screwed on and finding the time proved far more difficult than i thought it would.

so much has been happening in the flat and i am so used to not having the internet (yes - i understand the irony as i moaned for weeks about this matter) that i didnt feel like writing it as there was so much to do elsewhere.

i wanted to make the flat as gorgeous as possible for biscuit so he felt he had a home finally, somewhere that he wanted to go and spend time, not an in-between home as we have been so used to.. i wanted it nice for biscuit. it turns out this 'home-making' stuff is time consuming. and as much as organising is what i, joebeff do best, it is still knackering.

the flat does look beautiful though..a trip to IKEA at the weekend meant we can add all the little things like plants, and storage (i love my storage) and flowers and shiny new things. and all we need to do now is hang all our pictures! exciting stuff!

on a different note all together, our weekend was amazing and kept telling each other this little fact!

me and biscuit had a private yoga session on saturday and loved it. on a side note - as this session happened before IKEA i am convinced that it was responsible for the complete LACK of arguments all day! (i am sure you are all aware that IKEA is a breading ground for arguments and rarely a stress free environment).
we both felt amazing for it. we met the rest of our weekend stretched, relaxed, smiley and challenged. we booked for this saturday too, eek, and i also bought a yoga mat and dvd to keep practicing at if only i could tear away from the cuddles with goblin and biscuit in the mornings and practice before work i would be perfect.

we had an gorgeous dinner with friends saturday and then slept for a full 12 hours - i could not believe the time sunday morning, and kept thinking that little goblin had grown thumbs and fiddled with the clock! apparently i needed the sleep though!

sunday was spent relaxing, walking, a cheeky drink at the avalon, a cheeky burger king - dont judge - and then the hunger games with holly and rick. sheer perfection.

i am excited about tonight, i get to see Krissy and Claire and enjoy some time with them - it feels like ages.

i am excited about tomorrow night, seeing the girls from Clarins and enjoying a cheeky drink and then friday i get to see the beautiful Sarah.

i love my boys, i love my family and i love my friends, i love my flat...and i love the weather in london at the moment!

i hope you all have a really wonderful day.. :)

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