9 March 2012

thank f**k its friday, thats all i have to say. well there is a lie if there was ever any. i always have something more to say...
today has been an odd day and it is literally not even 10am! to say i did not want to leave biscuit in bed this morning is an understatement. seeing him lay there with his arm thrown over his face is simply the cutest thing to me in the world. well that and having goblin up in my face demanding cuddles and attention.
this morning at 7am i thought i was going to have an epic 10 hour long day, working 8-6 on a friday is poop. in the end after some drama hiccups i get to work my usual hours 8-5, with the person i want to and as a result of this i have time to go for a glass of wine with the work people after i have finished. now that is how a friday can turn itself round!

the rest of my evening will be suitably exciting also...

after my works drink (i promise i will leave at 7pm) i will head home, shower and re-wash my hair (yes i know it is bad to wash it too much but i just love showers and having big, clean, twiddlable hair). i will then do my make-up all fancy, drinking a glass of pink wine, probably listening to pink and the white lies while i prance around half dressed, having a giggle with my biscuit! once i finally decide what dress and shoes to wear - im sure this will not be a drama free scenario with zero strops - we will head out to the bright lights of london town and meet some good friends and laugh our little socks off at the comedy store till the early hours of the morning. this will most probably involve a bottle of proseccco and some gossips with the holly. what more could a girl want??

after 5 days of feeling shit and not being able to go to yoga i am feeling much better and cannot wait for my 3 day weekend and to be able to go to yoga again...

have a lovely day, and a beautiful weekend, smile and be happy x

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