needs in my life

7 March 2012


more lemsip, i cant be bothered getting this cold properly

some maltesers

a cuddle from biscuit

more daytime dresses in my life, ones that dont shrink

to feel well enough to go to yoga again...gutting

to be able to style my hair up for work and feel comfortable doing it

more cuddles from my biscuit

goblin getting in my face for some attention

to clean the bathroom - its been annoying the shit life out of me for 2 days

my bed

to put a date in my diary to next see my friends Beth Richard(he hates it when i call him that),Susan,Chaps,Sarah,Laura,Clancy,Kat,Tracey..the list goes on

some lasagne, been craving that for too long now

on the other hand, i have some very exciting things coming up..

three day weekend with my biscuit

looks like we are off to the comedy store friday night with our good friends Rik and Holly

brighton night out in april

clairebear's birthday at the balham bowls club

italy in the summer

my 23rd birthday this year

so happy wednesday x

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